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Electric Snaking

Rooter-Man uses electric snakes in order to unclog and clear pipes and drains for both residential and commercial properties.

Your residential drains can be blocked for a number of reasons. In many cases, tree roots from big drain and sewer pipes may be blocking the main line of your drain. Tree roots are always searching for water and nutrients, so even if your sewer main has even the smallest of cracks, your tree roots will find a way in and enlarge the crack, causing roots to block your drain. If left untreated, these tree roots are guaranteed to return and block your drain every two to four years. Your blockage could also be caused by a back pitched pipe, a sag or dip in the piping, or just over usage of the piping. Blockage can also be caused simply by years of regular usage without cleaning the pipes, which causes build up of sludge, food, hair, or other common items. Kitchen sinks that have a garbage disposal are especially susceptible to clogging, as many homeowners tend to overload the kitchen drainage system with an excessive amount of waste.

Electric Drain Snakes Work

For commercial drains and pipes, blocked drains are commonly caused by heavy usage. Many restaurants have issues with blockages because of food grease going into their pipes and drains. Other large commercial buildings may have a very long run of piping, which is more susceptible to clogging.

For both residential and commercial buildings, the implementation of low volume water toilets has also increased the changes of main drain blockages. The most common items that are found jamming sewers and toilets are common, seemingly flushable products like paper towels and towelettes. If the product does not break up or dissolve as soon it as comes into contact with water, it will likely accumulate and clog the drain!

Rooter-Man GTA uses electric snaking in order to remove tree roots, paper blockages, and other normal clogs. Drain snakes are basically a long and flexible metal coil, that is inserted into drain pipes and spun at high speeds, in order to remove any bacteria and items in the pipe. As it is an extremely high-powered device, it is very quick at cutting up even the toughest of roots and waste matter, so that your pipes will be as good as new within a short period of time. Our electric snakes can be effective to up to 150ft of piping.

Electric Snaking Process

You can trust Rooter-Man to handle all types of blockages. Whether it be your kitchen sink, garbage disposal, main line, laundry drain, shower, toilet, urinal, manhole, storm drain, leaching line, or bathroom sink. Whether your drain is location inside or outside, residential or commercial, we can clear your clog for you.

Rooter-Man GTA has 40 years of experience working with clogged drains and utilizing electric snaking technology. Our expert service technicians are always available to provide you with efficient and high quality emergency clogged drain services. Simply give us a call, and our live phone operators will dispatch a service technician straight to your home or business.

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