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Sewer Back Water Valve Installation

If you live in Toronto Mississauga, Brampton or the GTA, you will most likely remember the record-breaking rainfall that occurred in the city and surrounding suburbs in 2013. Cars were stranded, a public transportation truck got stuck in the water, and 35,000 homes were without power. It was truly a nightmare! However, one small fixture, or the lack of it in homes highly influenced just how bad the experience was for each Torontonian homeowner. Luckily, Rooter-Man GTA offers sewer back water valve installation that will help protect your home from any major flooding situations in the future, or just regular rainy days in the city.

A back water valve is a small device that keeps sewage from backing up into your basement when your main sewer line is overloaded. The valve is designed so that water can only flow one way, which is away from your home. Whenever there is sudden heavy rainfall, in the city Toronto, Vaughan, Oakville, and the GTA sewer lines can become overwhelmed, and cause water and dirty sewage to flow into your home. A back water valve can be installed during the initial construction of a home, or can be placed into existing homes. Your home is especially susceptible to sewer backups if there is a basement in your home, or if the ground floor is less than a foot above street level. However, with a sewer back water valve, overflow will not back into your home when it is compiling outside, and can protect you from even the most devastating floods.

Back Water Valve Installation Service

You may be thinking that you will not need a sewer back water valve installation, because a flood like the one in 2013 is a once in a lifetime event. However, during the spring of 2017 alone, there were numerous floods in Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Even during the summer of 2018, a heavy rainstorm flooded the Scotiabank Theatre in Toronto.Thus, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville, Etobicoke, Burlington, Brampton & more and more areas in Canada are becoming affected by floods. A sewer back water valve can also benefit your daily life, as they can help during any storm that even slightly diverts from an average one. Even a little bit of water in your basement can be irritating and lead to bigger problems in the future, so having a sewer back water valve can give you added security. It is bad enough that clean rainwater may enter your basement, but having dirty sewage fill your basement and touch all your belongings is a true horror!

A licensed and insured service technician at Rooter-Man GTA can help you install a backwater valve and help you obtain any necessary permits you may need. In addition to a sewer back water valve installation, your Rooter-Man GTA service technician will also provide you with the proper maintenance knowledge that will allow your backwater valve to last for years to come. Sewage backups are as gross as they are inconvenient, so contact Rooter-Man GTA today for a sewer backwater valve installation, in order to prevent your house from incurring up to thousands of dollars worth of damage and causing any health hazards that may affect you and your family.

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