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Rooter-Man is an award-winning drain / sewer repair and basement waterproofing company in Toronto. We have more than years of industry expertise. We are experienced in drain repair, sewer line repair, general plumbing for a home or office, and professional residential waterproofing services. We provide free estimates and lifetime warranties. If you are facing issues like a blocked sewer or drain, compromised pipelines, or require plumbing services for your kitchen or bathroom, Rooter-Man is available to assist near you.

Rooter-Man Toronto Services

Professional Plumbing, Drain Repair and Waterproofing Services in Toronto.

We are known as a prominent plumbing and basement leak repair service provider in Toronto, ensuring cost-effective plumbing services while maintaining high standards of quality. If you are looking for certified plumbers who provide excellent craftsmanship and industry-leading guarantees, Rooter-Man is the ideal option for you. Our expertise lies in addressing basement waterproofing problems caused by leaks, and we are dedicated to rapidly and efficiently resolving any plumbing concerns you may have.


General Plumbing

Rooter-Man is a renowned plumbing franchise in North America. We offer comprehensive plumbing services covering many services, such as kitchen plumbing, bathroom plumbing, faucet installation, leaking pipe repair, and more. If you are experiencing clogged pipes, drains, or toilets, we can immediately dispatch a fully licensed professional to your location in the greater Toronto region to address your emergency plumbing needs. Rooter-Man is a highly recognized local plumber near you that offers top-notch residential plumbing services at reasonable prices.

Sewer Repair Services, Etobicoke Toronto

Sewer Back-up Repair

It is essential to address sewer back-up problems with a certified expert. The consequences include flooding, a damp odour, and significant health risks. Blockages due to tenacious grease or debris can cause sewer backup, and in some cases, damaged sewer lines can also be the cause of it. Our company offers expert sewage line repair and installation services for both residential and commercial locations in Toronto. We provide free estimates for our services, with industry-leading warranties for all underground work.

Main Drain Line Repair

Main Drain Line Repair

Discover unparalleled expertise in water main line repair with Rooter-Man Toronto. Our proficient experts specialize in quick and efficient resolutions for any main drain problems. Our services cater to the Toronto community, guaranteeing low interruptions and durable repairs and employing state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies. When main drain backup is a problem, depend on Rooter-Man. We guarantee the quickest arrival and affordable pricing with a price-matching service.

drain snaking toronto

Electric Drain Snaking

Our electric drain snaking service effectively clears clogged drains or sewage pipes. An electric drain snake comprises a motor connected to a cable that rotates and removes any obstruction in its path. Prior to initiating a snaking service, a video examination is typically employed to identify the location of the blockage. Rooter-Man provides prompt and cost-effective drain snaking services to all individuals residing in the Greater Toronto Area. With over 500+ reviews, we are the trusted go-to company for clogged drain snaking services in Toronto.

Drain line clogged repair

Drain Clog Repair

Grease, sludge, hair, and other debris can clog drain systems, making it difficult to unclog them with common over-the-counter remedies like Drano. We provide affordable drain clearing services throughout the greater Toronto area. Our business offers thorough drain inspection and cleaning services, along with outstanding warranties that are superior to those of other businesses in the sector.


Backwater Valves

We offer expert installation services for backwater valves in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Backwater valves, also known as backflow valves, serve to prevent the reverse flow of drain and sewage water into residential properties. The one-way flow mechanism guarantees that unclean water remains outside your property. The municipality of Toronto provides rebates for the installation of backwater valves.

sump pump

Sump Pump Installation

An unreliable sump pump has the potential to result in the possibility of flooding. We offer cost-effective services for repairing or installing sump pumps, including the option of a battery backup system. The City of Toronto offers rebates for the purchase and installation  of sump pumps. A sump pump system is designed to gather and remove excess water from a pit, effectively preventing any moisture or leakage in your property. In Toronto, a sump pump provides significant relief for homeowners, particularly during the rainy and wet seasons, since it prevents flooding from the  water accumulation from seeping into basement walls.


Water Heaters

Lack of hot water? Is the water heater malfunctioning or completely nonfunctional? We offer assistance in repairing and installing modern electric water heater systems to guarantee an efficient and widespread hot water supply throughout your home. Kindly note that we currently do not provide maintenance or repair services for gas water heater systems. Experiencing a shortage of hot water in Canadian temperatures can be frustrating. If you are encountering issues with your water heater, kindly contact us promptly, and we will promptly send an emergency team to you. We offer 24/7 emergency dispatch for all water heater problems.

foundation and concrete wall waterproofing

Wet Basement Waterproofing

Rooter-Man's extensive range of basement waterproofing options is professionally developed to protect your home from water intrusion. Our team of experts specializes in providing efficient solutions for foundation leaks and moisture problems through both interior and exterior home and waterproofing techniques. We guarantee the prevention of moisture in your basement and the stability of your foundation by utilizing Rooter-Man's professional and effective services. If you have a basement that leaks, we will fix it with a lifetime warranty. Our company has been providing clients with exceptional service for 50+ years across the GTA.


Kitchen Sinks

We reasonably repair and install all types of sinks, including kitchen sinks, for commercial and residential properties in the Niagara and Toronto metropolitan areas. We provide emergency service at no additional cost around the clock. If your sink is obstructed or leaking and requires repair, or if you require a new sink to be installed, contact us immediately for a complimentary estimate. Our licensed plumbers will handle all of your plumbing issues in a punctual and professional manner, leaving the area in pristine condition.


Shower Installation & Repair

We specialize in the installation and maintenance of shower units. Is there a lack of water or insufficient water pressure in the shower? We can examine the issue and effectively address any shower-related difficulties. It is advisable to use a shower head that has an additional filter to eliminate water contaminants. Showerheads equipped with filtration systems effectively eliminate hard water components from the main water supply, leading to improved skin and hair condition, cleaner showers, and an enhanced quality of life. Call Rooter-Man today for an estimate.

water softener

Water Softeners

The occurrence of hard water is widespread throughout most areas of the Greater Toronto Region. Despite the claim that municipal water is safe to drink, a thorough examination would reveal surprising contaminants present in the water. Calcium, magnesium, sulphur, fluoride, and even excessive levels of lead might be detected, which can have detrimental effects on your overall health. Hard water can contribute to hair loss and promote dry skin conditions. A water softener system effectively eliminates all harmful impurities, resulting in an immediate, perceptible change upon initial usage.

Why Rooter-Man for Drain Repair and Waterproofing?



Fully licensed & insured plumbing, leaky basement repair, and sewer and drain repair services for Toronto, Mississauga and GTA. Rooter-Man GTA has dealt with plenty of residential and commercial plumbing and drain services in Toronto and surrounding areas of the GTA. With over years of industry experience, there is nothing that Rooter-Man GTA service technicians have not encountered before. Whether you need to schedule a routine drain cleaning or you need emergency plumbing  at 4 AM on Canada Day, a licensed and insured service technician will be available to help you.


50+ Years of Experience

Plumbing & Sewer & Drain Repair experience since 1970s. Our technicians as fully licensed & insured for all plumbing and drain services for all regions of Greater Toronto Area.


5-star Customer Service

24 hour support from live phone operators and skilled plumbers providing you with all ultimate customer service experience. Chat with our live agents today


#1 in Entrepreneur Magazine

Voted the #1 plumbing company for 16 years in the Entrepreneur Magazine. With over 500+ Positive customer reviews we stand as one if the best plumbing & waterproofing companies in Toronto

24/7 Services, Affordable Pricing and Award-Winning Service

For 16 years running, Rooter-Man has been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the top plumbing and drain cleaning franchise. With a history spanning over years, Rooter-Man has provided customers with reliable and expert plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning services around the clock. Is there a leak in your basement or some other plumbing issue? Let us be of service to you. We at Rooterman Toronto can fix any plumbing issue, from little fixtures like kitchen sinks and faucets to large ones like clogged drains and sewage backups. We can handle large excavation jobs, like fixing a leaking basement, and we offer a lifetime warranty on our work. Rooter-Man offers 24/7 emergency assistance, so don’t hesitate to call us if you notice a water leak or clogged drain. Rooter-Man is the most trusted plumber near you.

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Rooter-Man Drain Repair & Waterproofing Toronto

Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Service was fast . Work site left clean .
Jeffrey Teerlinck
Jeffrey Teerlinck
Excellent, quick service early on a Sunday morning. Technician Sean and expert Mike helped us clear a main drain in our triplex apartment building. As a professional builder myself, I am impressed with the service. I will be calling them again!
Atiqul Alam
Atiqul Alam
Shelley Wells
Shelley Wells
there were slow drains in the house for nearly a year, until eventually the main drain backup completely. rooterman arrived in 20 minutes and did a video camera inspection for $129 and cleared the main drain sewer line in 10 minutes. the video showed the blockage problem, which turned out to be greasy sludge mixed with debris and household products, like paper towels. they said there was still a substantial amount of grease in the main drain line (the previous owners cooked a lot), which would eventually trap more debris over time. so they came back a few days later and did a high pressure hot water hydro jetting for a reasonable price, which restored the sewer line to like-new condition. they did a fantastic job. the drains have never flowed so good like that in the past. awesome company, very professional, reasonably priced. give these guys a call if you want a plumbing job done properly.
Stefan and Niel did an excellent job using the very best in equipment & technology. As the saying goes. "You get what you pay for". That was so true in this case. No regrets. Well done.
Stephen Brodar
Stephen Brodar
Quick .. on time professionals.. Robert saved our basement from flooding by repairing a leak from and old pipe. Will use them again and will recommend them to all my peers. Rooter-Man Rules!
Judy Doxtator
Judy Doxtator
They were very pleasant, friendly workers who took time to explain what they were doing & why.
Vadita. Ukraine
Vadita. Ukraine
I've had a bad clogging in the pipe under the kitchen sink. Everything was resolved in a timely and professional manner.
Anuta Filursky
Anuta Filursky
SA Gunby
SA Gunby
Neil was professional, courteous and industrious. Excellent service!

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