Basement Lowering Toronto

There are a number of benefits to having your basement lowered. Underpinning can be a fantastic way to add usable space to your home. Possibilities can be endless with the extra square footage. You can turn your space into extra family room, office, play space, guest suite, storage area or even a basement apartment. Many homeowners would love to have the additional space but never think about having their basement lowered. It is a great alternative to adding extensions on to your home. Also, the return-on-investment will be more than worth it. A basement that is underpinned and finished will add a significant amount to your property value.


Underpinning can also be a way to improve the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. There are many situations which may have resulted in the foundation of your home becoming less stable. It may have been damaged by other repairs, climate changes or other natural events such as earthquakes or flooding. It is also normal to have wear and tear, so particularly in older homes, underpinning can be hugely beneficial to strengthening the foundation. In this process our professionals will dig below the existing footings and add an extension that strengthens the structure.

Underpinning is a large job that needs to be done correctly, otherwise it can be dangerous. Accidents can occur and if your home is not properly temporarily supported during the process it can collapse. It is especially important to have an experienced and qualified company to do this type of work. Rooter-Man is a reputable company that is fully licensed, insured and experienced in underpinning projects. We make sure that every step is done up to the required standards from inspections, analyzing the soil type, acquiring permits etc. in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly and safely.

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