Rooter-Man In Burlington, Plumbing and Waterproofing Services: The #1 Choice. We at Rooter-Man are aware of the particular plumbing requirements that Burlington locals have. Our knowledgeable staff provides excellent waterproofing and plumbing services to keep your house dry and functional. We can handle both periodic maintenance and emergency repairs. Take advantage of modern technology and timely, dependable service that is customized to Burlington’s unique environment and infrastructure. Put your trust in Rooter-Man for all of your plumbing requirements to protect your house from water damage.

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    With Rooter-Man’s Expert Plumbing, Drain, and Waterproofing Services, Experience Excellence. Serving the entire community of Burlington, Rooter-Man is a shining example of dependable and high-quality plumbing solutions. Our all-inclusive services include professional drain cleaning, effective plumbing fixes, and cutting-edge waterproofing methods to guarantee the security and optimal operation of your residence or place of business. Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected leak, a hard-to-remove blockage, or the requirement for proactive waterproofing, our knowledgeable professionals have the most up-to-date equipment and training to take care of your issues quickly. Your guarantee of a dry, safe, and well-functioning property is Rooter-Man. Get in touch with us right now for unmatched support.



    All Burlington residents can get unrivalled plumbing services from Rooter-Man. With industry-leading warranties in your area, our Burlington branch guarantees to provide quick and reasonably priced plumbing services, including sink, pipe, kitchen, and bathroom plumbing, water heater, shower, and toilet repairs and installations. For a free estimate on any plumbing issues you may have, get in touch with us right now.

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    Drain Cleaning

    Leaky or clogged drains? Rooter-Man can help. When it comes to drain blockages, we have several options. We can handle everything from drain snaking to drain camera inspection to repairs for damaged or broken drains. No drain issue is too big for us to handle. We promise that every Burlington resident will receive an affordable, fully functional drainage system.

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    Sewer Repair

    Problems with sewer lines can be very annoying. Unpleasant water backups from a blocked or clogged sewer line can result in flooding and unpleasant odours on your home. Sewer backups are a hazardous biohazard that needs to be cleaned up immediately because they promote the growth of pathogenic microorganisms that can be dangerous for people to breathe. Give us a call as soon as possible if you have a sewer issue.

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    Sump Pump Systems

    Use a sump pump to shield your largest investment from flooding. Unwanted water that enters your house is collected by sump pump systems, which then is pumped  away  from the foundation. They operate automatically, and to keep you safe even during blackouts, there is a battery backup option as well.

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    Basement Waterproofing

    Providing options for both external and interior basement waterproofing to all Burlington citizens. Every property is shielded from the risks of floods and mould during the rainy seasons by having a waterproofed basement. We offer commercial-grade moisture and water prevention systems that come with a lifetime warranty against leaks from the waterproofed area.

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    Backflow Valves

    Backflow or backwater valves prevent contaminated sewage water from getting back into your house. It contains a valve that restricts the direction in which water can flow. The valve shuts off the flow and prevents it from entering your home again if the flow direction shifts in that way.

    Rooter-Man is the #1 Choice of Burlington


    50+ Years of Experience

    Plumbing and waterproofing for over 50 years in North America and Canada.


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    Unmatched customer service with 5 star ratings and 500+ reviews


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    Voted the #1 water proofing and plumbing franchise for 16 years

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