Water Jetting

If you are having problems with clogged drains or they are just draining very slowly, water jetting can be a simple solution. Over time, scum consisting of grease, sludge, and debris can build up and cause a clog in the pipes. Rooter-Man is equipped with specialized water jetting equipment that can quickly clear this out. This method is the best way to get everything moving well again due to its speed, cost efficiency, and safety.

Drain water jetting Toronto

Water Jetting Advantages

There are definite advantages to using water jetting. It is quite a simple process. First, a camera inspection will likely be done to determine where the blockages are in the pipelines. Then a high-pressure hose will be inserted into the pipe, and a strong blast of water will blow away anything that is causing the clog. Usually, the stream of water is around 4000 PSI. Water jetting is extremely effective and can clear anything from grease and mineral buildup to tree roots. It is also very eco-friendly, as nothing else is used except for water—no harsh chemicals!

Furthermore, water jetting can be used as a preventative measure. Maintaining the health of your plumbing system is important in order to reduce the risk of needing any type of major repair. By having your pipes cleaned out on a regular basis, you are not allowing your sewer and drain pipes to accumulate debris and sludge. This can end up saving you thousands of dollars, as drain repairs and replacements can be very costly. Preventing serious problems before they arise is always the best choice.

Rooter-Man’s water jetting equipment will have your clogs cleared in no time! If you are experiencing problems with your drains or are just trying to be proactive, we have the solution for you.

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