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Corrugated Plastic Pipe for Weeping Tile


weeping tile corrugated plastic pipe

Old homes in the Toronto area were built with clay pipes for footing and weeping tile. Clay pipes posses severe dissadvantages compared to corrugated plastic pipes. Over time, clay pipes give in to the hydrostatic pressure and cossive environment. They get damaged and clog up the lines, preventing water from flowing out efficiently.  In this article, we will talk about the benefits of installing plastic weeping tiles in homes during the waterproofing process.

Benefits of Plastic Weeping Tiles

Using plastic corrugated weeping tiles has multiple benefits. It’s much easier to install considering how light it is, and it’s cost-effective. It starts at $70 and can go up depending on the length and quality you choose. It is also easier to transport, repair, and replace.
Clay pipes, at the same time, are time-consuming and require more care during installation to avoid any possible damages. Any addition or repair is much more costly compared to lightweight plastic pipes. Installing a plastic pipe reduces chances of future problems period!

Root prevention: By selecting a respected firm such as Rooterman, we employ durable pipes of superior quality that effectively deter root intrusion and subsequent drain line blockages. Weeping tiles, commonly used for exterior waterproofing, are susceptible to intrusion by tree roots. Consequently, the utilization of plastic pipes improves the effectiveness and durability of the drainage system.
Clay pipes consist solely of clay. Over time, roots will infiltrate the pipes, causing damage and obstructing the water flow. Take into account the expense of substituting that line with a plastic one; it would be much reduced.

Fleibility: Plastic pipes are extremely flexible and can withstand extreme weather and pressure. They are engineered for specific applications. High-quality materials make the corrugated plastic pipes for weeping tile applications able to withstand all conditions. If needed, we can cut and add anywhere. At the same time, clay pipes will crak, brake, shatter, and degrade over time.

Please keep in mind that even though we recommend plastic weeping tiles, in some cases, clay pipe can be the only choice. It depends on the pressure and temperature limitations of the area the home is in. 

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