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weeping tile installation process by Rooterman Toronto

Cracked weeping tiles can cause serious problems for a house. Weeping tiles are designed to remove excess water from your property. Full functionality is  mandatory for this system as improper weeping tile function can lead to flooding, basement leaks and mould growth.  If you are experiencing an issue with your weeping tile, you have to address it promptly. At Rooterman, we offer free inspections and estimates. Talk to us today to book your assessment.

What is a weeping tile?

Weeping tile is a corrugated pipe laid at the bottom of the foundation (footing) to carry unwanted water that gets collected from rain and storms away from the house to prevent damage to the wall. They are a crucial part of home construction for the longevity of foundation walls. It efficiently collects all water collected and removes it to a city sewer line or other possible area.

What causes weeping tile damage?

Weeping tiles can be damaged for several reasons. Most of the time, it’s due to degradation over the years. Water puddled on top of a weeping tile can speed up the corrosion process and cause to separate. In an old city like Toronto, if the weeping tile has never been changed and you have an old home, the weeping tile is most likely made up of clay or cement-based material. When water and pressure are naturally applied, they start to degrade, corrode, and dismantle themselves over time. The damage caused can block proper water flow and cause water to leak into the house, mostly in the basement.

Water backed up?

In most cases, we cannot check the weeping tile for damages as it is burried under ground unless there is a cleanup access. By the time you realize there is a problem with the weeping tile, it might already be too late, and water might be entering your basement. If it is possible for you to check, then it is crucial that you examine the weeping tile drain if you notice water returning or pools of water along the foundation walls. The flow must be swift, resulting in complete drainage of all the water. If there is no discharge flowing from the weeping tile outlet, it is quite probable that you are encountering an issue with the weeping tile. If you fail to remove the water, the foundation walls may lose their ability to withstand hydrostatic pressure or corrosion, resulting in water seeping into the basement.

weeping tile

Need help checking Weeping tile?

In most cases, solutions like drain camera inspection are not applicable in this situation. A certified drain technician must attend the location and inspect thoroughly to determine if the problem is actually weeping tile. Bear in mind that tree roots can also damage weeping tiles. So before fixing the weeping tile problem, you might need to fix the source of the issue, which is tree roots.

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