Exterior Waterproofing Toronto

Why Waterproof Your Home Exterior?

As a homeowner, you want to do everything possible to help guarantee that your property is protected. Exterior Waterproofing can help to give you that peace of mind. Especially if you live in an older home, it may become necessary to have it waterproofed. Water damage can be one of the most difficult and disastrous types of damage to have to deal with and the expenses can really put a dent in your savings. Damages from water intrusion can add up to tens of thousands of dollars and can affect your flooring, dry walls, electronics, furnishings, and many other valued personal possessions.


If that is not bad enough, having water leak into your basement can also have serious health consequences. Mold and mildew can begin to grow, and they tend to thrive well in basement environments. If you have members of your family that already experience respiratory difficulties due to allergies or asthma, this can make it much worse for them. Even perfectly healthy members of your household can experience severe illness from mold. Do not delay having your leaky basement fixed, the problem will eventually get worse. Small leaks turn into large ones and the longer it goes on for, the more damage is accumulating which of course makes a more expensive repair job.

What Are The Methods Of Exterior Waterproofing?

Exterior waterproofing is the most highly recommended solution for basement waterproofing. This method of waterproofing will protect your basement from the outside by redirecting water away from your home’s foundation. It is a quite extensive process. The foundation will be completely excavated in the problem areas and any cracks will be filled with hydraulic cement. Following this, sealants, membranes, weeping tile, and gravel will be put in place to keep the water away from your foundation walls. This method is extremely effective, and you can be assured that your basement will stay nice and dry!

At Rooter-Man we are fully licensed, insured and have the experience to take care of even the largest waterproofing projects. We always use top quality products for our waterproofing jobs, and we offer a 25-year warranty on the work. We guarantee that you will be fully satisfied and your days of dealing with leaky basement problems will be over for many years!


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