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Being in the plumbing business for 40 years, we have the power to deliver the highest quality plumbing solutions. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to solve all sort of plumbing issues, so that your home is up and running at all times. Plumbing issues arising in your home can add to your stress, as you get worried about getting it fixed and the costs associated with it. Luckily, Rooter-Man offers cost-effective plumbing solutions, and our highly-skilled plumbers in Mississauga are available around the clock to help you.

Rooter-Man operates on a routine as well as emergency basis. You can call us when in need for an emergency plumber near you. Our proficient plumbers provide our customers with the best plumbing solutions.

Many basements get flooded by water, making it crucial to waterproof it. We at Rooter-Man provide basement waterproofing services at competitive rates, which involve sump pump installations. With sump pumps planted in your basement, you can keep your basement dry and your valuable space will not go waste. We even provide services for regular maintenance of sump pumps.

Going for a backwater valve installation is a great idea, because occasional sewer leakage can be very hard to clean and the repair costs can be very hard on your wallet. Our experienced plumbers check the slope of the sewage before planting the backwater valve in order to assure its 100% success rate.

Having a clogged drain can also be a headache. That is why we implement the most modern approach for drain clean-up.

Rooter-Man is known to be providing dynamic drain cleaning services for decades.

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