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Residential Plumbing Service

Rooter-Man is a local plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning company with over 40+ years of experience. We provide fast and dependable plumbing services at reasonable rates. With decades worth of experience we are available to solve your problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Rooter-Man Toronto services residential and commercial properties such as: chain stores, realtors, municipalities, industrial complexes, condos, apartment buildings, and homes. Our technicians are certified to perform inspections and repairs. Rooter-Man guarantees quality workmanship, and since we know we can deliver on our promises we will take on the toughest jobs out there. No job is too big or too small for Rooter-Man!

French Drains

Frozen Pipes

Broken Pipes

Plastic piping and a rainpipe against and around the a drainpipe in ground house
sewege system being cleaned
Storm drains
Sewer lines installation
Frozen Tap and pipes
Damaged plumbing lines

Our Plumbing Projects

Major cities like Toronto offers rebates and subsidies for backwater vales and sump pumps. Ask our customer service today about receiving yours. We will help you with all the paperwork required.

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