All Scarborough, Ontario, residents can take advantage of industry-leading plumbing and drain solutions from Rooter-Man Scarborough. Give Rooter-Man a call as soon as possible if you have a drain or plumbing problem. In addition to our well-known basement waterproofing services, we also specialize in clogged drain cleaning, sewer repair, bathroom and kitchen plumbing, and concrete services. For a free quote if you’re experiencing a water incursion or plumbing leak, get in touch with us.


    Rooter-Man guarantees excellent service at reasonable costs. We rank among the biggest franchises in North America for plumbing services. For all of the GTA, we have an emergency staff on call around-the-clock. Get a free estimate from us if you live in Scarborough, Ontario, and you have a plumbing or drain issue.



    In Toronto, Rooter-Man is the best plumber there is. For the people of Scarborough, we provide first-rate plumbing services. We can solve all kinds of plumbing problems, from sinks and taps in the kitchen to bathrooms. Rooter-Man is an Award winning company with best warranties in the industry for plumbing services in the GTA.

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    Drain Cleaning

    Unblock Your Peace of Mind with Our Scarborough, Ontario, Drain Cleaning Services! Rooter-Man is  an expert in offering the Scarborough community outstanding drain cleaning services. The most modern tools and methods utilized by our knowledgeable specialists enable them to quickly and completely unclog, block, and accumulate buildup in your drains.

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    Sewer Repair

    Sewer line problems of any kind can be handled by our skilled staff, from little fixes to complete replacements. By applying the most recent methods and technologies, we guarantee minimal disruption and effective repair services. No matter the type of property—residential or commercial—we are steadfast in our dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.

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    Sump Pump Systems

    Defend Your House Against Water Damage! Our team of knowledgeable experts can install, service, and repair sump pumps with ease, guaranteeing that your house remains safe and dry. We are prepared to provide solutions catered to your unique requirements and are aware of the difficulties presented by Scarborough's weather.

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    Basement Waterproofing

    We fix wet or leaky basements with a lifetime warranty. Although fixing a leaky basement might be annoying, it is additionally risky since it encourages the spread of mould. Mould is dangerous and should not be present in a living environment. For all of Scarborough, we provide reasonably priced exterior and interior waterproofing solutions.

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    Backflow Valves

    Prevent dirty water from flowing back in to your property. We know how important it is to keep your water system safe and up to standards, which is why we follow all local requirements in an effort to prevent water contamination. For both residential and commercial buildings,

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    Plumbing concerns in Scarborough are as diverse as the neighbourhood itself. Every plumbing difficulty, from bustling commercial districts to quaint residential neighbourhoods, demands knowledge and precision. This is where Rooter-Man comes in, providing complete plumbing solutions suited to Scarborough homeowners’ specific needs. Plumbing includes more than just repairing leaks and unclogging drains. It is all about ensuring the health and safety of your surroundings. Good plumbing protects your water supply, prevents property damage, and keeps your home or company running smoothly.

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