Rooter-Man GTA is licensed and insured to locate sewer lines via state-of-the-art sewer line locating technology. Without this modern technology, which many general plumbing contractors do not have access to, Rooter-Man GTA service technicians would not have a full understanding of what is occurring in the sewer lines below ground.

If a plumbing leak or blockage is revealed via the tool, the video camera will send a magnetic signal to a digital pipe locator, which will accurately pinpoint the breach. The digital pipe locator will determine the exact location, direction, and depth of the sewer drain pipe problem area. This way, any need for guesswork and messy digging will be completely eliminated.

This equipment will be able to locate underground metallic, cast-iron, or non-metallic pipes and ducts, without any need to spend a lot of money or complete a messy digging job. Whether your pipes are underground, beneath concrete, or under your flooring, Rooter-Man’s modern equipment can be used to locate the problem.


The sewer line locating equipment can also work in almost all weather conditions. A special transmitter will be inserted into an area on your sewer line, and a signal will be sent to the receiver that allows the service technician to track the sewer line’s path and overall depth underground. The signal will easily locate any problem areas in the line. The equipment can also be used to find any gas, electric, or utility lines underground, to prevent their damage,.

Rooter-Man GTA’s trained and experienced professionals will be able to use the sewer line locating tool for a precise, efficient, and cost effective solution. They, or an excavation crew if necessary, will be able to finish the job quickly, keeping any disruption, mess, or cost to a minimum.

With this modern video camera technology and digital pipe locator, Rooter-Man GTA will never have to dig up your basement floor, beautifully landscaped gardens, freshly cut lawn, or nicely paved driveway in order to discover the cause or location of the sewer drain issue. The service technicians will be able to directly access the issue and efficiently and effectively repair the drain pipe.

With sewer line locating technology, Rooter-Man GTA can identify all areas where plumbing problems and leaks have occurred or are likely to occur. It can be completed in a short period of time, and does not require any messes to be made. This technology allows the service technicians to efficiently identify the precise nature of the sewer drain plumbing issue, the extent to which the sewer drain is blocked or damaged, the precise location of where the plumbing requires repair, and the direction and depth of the compromised sewer drain pipe.

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