Sink Repairs

Are you having problems with your sink? Do you want to have your sink replaced? Rooter-Man can handle any type of sink repair or replacement! The average home has 3-5 sinks and are used on a constant basis every single day. Eventually they will have wear and tear and require some form of repair. If you notice a problem with your sink do not leave the problem to get worse as it will only lead to a more costly repair. Rooter-Man will quickly repair any type of sink problem

Common Sink Problems

Clogged Sinks
Clogged sinks are extremely common. They can become clogged with sludge that accumulates over time, hair, or small foreign objects. It is important to not put items down the drain like food, produce stickers, and grease.


Leaking Sinks
Leaking sinks eventually get worse over time. If they are left leaking for too long, they can cause water and mold damage. Rooter-Man technicians can quickly identify the location of the leak and solve it.


Low Water Pressure
When you have low water pressure it is normally due to an older faucet. Our technicians will have it fixed in no time, restoring it to your usual water pressure.

Rooter-Man always gets the job done right and you can be assured that the problem is taken care of for good. Rooter-Man has been trusted for years by many. We guarantee satisfaction by using top quality products and workmanship.

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