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If you require a new storm drain or are experiencing problems such as backups with your current one, you can trust Rooter-Man to get the job done. Our technicians have the experience to diagnose the issue and get it fixed quickly. We have been providing storm drain services for many years and know exactly what we are doing.

Sewer line backing up

What is a storm drain?

When there are heavy rains or a large amount of melting snow, it can cause a significant amount of flooding. Storm drains are designed to safely carry away access water. They are most commonly placed in low-lying places with paved surfaces, such as parking lots, streets, driveways, and sidewalks. Some of these drainage systems will drain water into streams or rivers, and others will connect to the sewer systems. Storm drains are important and should be kept well maintained to prevent flooding, which can turn dangerous.

Maintaining Storm Drains

Regular maintenance of storm drains is necessary. They should be cleaned out periodically to ensure that they do not become clogged. If a storm drain does become clogged, it can cause a dangerous situation and be unsanitary. The debris can rise and will be covered in all kinds of bacteria. Garbage, leaves, twigs, and roots are just a few examples of the many things that can cause clogs. By taking care of proper maintenance, it is much less likely that an issue will occur. It is best to prevent clogs from happening in the first place rather than dealing with them after they have already become a problem.

Storm Drain Installation

There are many options for storm drain installations. They can vary in material, style, and placement. Rooter-Man’s technicians are experts when it comes to anything storm drain. Our technician will come out to do a full inspection of the property to establish the best design for your unique situation.

Rooter-Man has installed and serviced thousands of storm drains over the years. We have done work for many cities, towns, and restaurants. We always guarantee quality, and your storm drainage system will be sure to last for many years.

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