Sump Pump Repair

Rooter-Man can help with sump pump installations, maintenance, and repairs! Wet basements can lead to a series of problems, so it is vital to keep your basement dry. Sump pumps are one good way to ensure that you are not dealing with flooding. Rooter-Man has many years of experience and will always provide quality workmanship!
Sump pump being installed in Toronto

How do sump pumps work?

Sump sumps are installed in a sump pit in the basement floor. They should be placed in the lowest lying area. Water will flow into the sump pit through drains or soil and as the pit fills with water the pump will turn on and pump the water away from your home. They are mostly powered by your homes electrical system, but many now come with battery backups. This is a fantastic feature because even if you lose power, the pump will still be able to kick in.

Why do I need a sump pump?

The majority of homeowners have moisture in their basement and will experience some form of basement flooding at one time or another. This risk is increased if you live in an area with excessive rains or heavy snowfalls. Homes that are on flat or low-lying areas are also more at risk. Especially if you have previously had a flood you should have one installed as soon as possible so that you are protected from the same unfortunate event. You should also have one installed if you have a finished basement. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars finishing their basements for extra living spaces or rental units so having it destroyed by water damage can be extremely upsetting.

Regularly maintain your sump pump by:

  • Checking the float of the pump
  • Checking the sump pit valve
  • Cleaning the sump pit
  • Testing the pump by pouring a few gallons of water inside the pit.


If you notice that your sump pump is not working how it should be or you just would like someone to check it for regular maintenance, Rooter-Man will identify and repair any problems.

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