Sump Pumps & Backwater Valves

Sump Pump flood prevention system

What are the benefits of having a Sump Pump or Backwater Valve?

Backwater valves and sump pumps are enormously beneficial to your home. With many people now finishing their basements and using them as rental units, it is best to have the space protected. Many homeowners invest thousands of dollars into finishing their basement and it is devastating when it is destroyed by water damage.

A backwater valve is a device that is installed on the main lateral drain line which will stop sewage or storm water from backing up into your basement. It acts as a barrier between your line and the city’s main sewer line. It will allow water to flow out but if it detects backflow a flap will raise to block the water from coming back into your home. They are usually installed in your basement but depending on the circumstance they can sometimes be placed outside of the home. Our experienced technicians will determine the location for the optimal placement. Backwater valves should be regularly maintained to ensure that everything is working correctly and will function as they should when needed.

Keeping your basement dry with a Sump Pump

Sump pumps are another great device to keep your basement dry. A sump pit will be installed in the lowest area of your basement and the pumps job is to push the water away from your foundation. If you live in an area that encounters heavy rains, large amounts of snow melt or are in a low-lying area a sump pump can be an important addition to ensure you are safe from water intrusion.

These flood prevention devices are extremely effective and there are city rebates available. If you have any questions, we are happy to help. Call us for an appointment and we can provide you with the best solutions to keeping your basement waterproofed from inside


Major cities like Toronto offers rebates and subsidies for backwater vales and sump pumps. Ask our customer service today about receiving yours. We will help you with all the paperwork required.

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