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Looking for plumber to repair or install a toilet in Mississauga? Rooterman is your choice. With over 40 years of experience, We are Canada’s  number #1 choice for home plumbing services.


Toilet installation and repair services

Blocked, damaged or in need of a new toilet install? We can help. Rooterman provides cost effective toilet repair and installation services to residents of Mississauga. Toilet malfunction can be a result of many factors and needs to be diagnosed for a licensed technician. Give us a call to book an appointment.

Our Toilet Services for Mississauga


Base leaks

Leaky base can be a cause of failed wax gaskets. We can inspect and provide you with an easy solution to fix this issue.


Random flushing

Does your toilet flush itself randomly? Call us today and we will have an experienced technician come and fix this issue right away.

flushing toilet

Compound flushing

If you flush the toilet once but it flushes again it is most likely due to a high-water level

slow draining toilet plunger

Sluggish flushing

If your toilet does not flush fully unless you hold or flush again, your chain may need tightening.

Moaning noises

Worn ball cock valve to shake and shudder can happen if your water pressure is too high. This can cause moaning noises from the toilet.

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