Tree Root Removal

Many homeowners do not realize that tree roots can cause serious damage to their home’s plumbing system. Clogged or broken pipes can be due to tree roots growing into them. They can also cause damage to septic tanks and drain fields.
Tree roots

Trees and shrubs are attracted to the wastewater as it is extraordinarily rich in nutrients for them. Roots can be a real nuisance, but lucky Rooter-Man specializes in their removal!


Rooter-Man can carry out a camera pipe inspection to accurately diagnose the problem. We can find areas where the roots have blocked or caused damage using the camera. We can also see the extent of the damage, and once the tree roots are removed, we can again use it to ensure that the problem has been solved.

There are two methods that we can use in order to remove the roots. The first is using a drain snake auger. As it moves through the drainpipe, the rotating auger will cut apart the tree roots that are causing the blockage. The alternate method is water jetting. This uses blasts of high-pressured water to blow the roots out of the pipes. Both of these methods are extremely effective in solving the problem.

Rooter-Man provides top-quality service for tree root removal. We have the proper training, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to successfully diagnose, remove roots, and repair any damage that was caused.

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