Preventing Leaks with Basement Waterproofing

A flooded or damp basement is an incredibly huge inconvenience. Mold grows and starts to spread rapidly due to the moisture, dampness and darkness. Not only does this require proper water removal, space drying and remediation to restore it to a safe state, but it can also be hazardous to your health. It most certainly pays off to do preventative maintenance and find ways to keep your basement dry and safe from all kinds of leaks and water breaches, in order to avoid any calls to an “emergency plumber near me in Toronto, Brampton, Burlington or Mississauga.

Don’t wait for emergencies to strike — start worrying about basement waterproofing now to avoid future headaches. Even if you’ve never experienced a flooded basement, you should know that it is a constant threat to your home and family!

A proactive approach to basement waterproofing requires sealing visible cracks in your home’s foundation. If your home’s concrete foundation is showing signs of any cracks, seal them off with special sealants to prevent potential leaks and moisture from seeping through them. Even in the absence of cracks, you may still use waterproofing coatings on concrete to protect against potential leaks, dampness, condensation, and even cracks in your foundation.

You should also check your rain gutters for any blockage and/or damage that could redirect water to where it shouldn’t be (ie. the ground near your foundation), as this could be a major cause of dampness and unwanted water, especially in the basement. Regardless how frequent it rains or precipitates in Toronto, Brampton, Burlington, or Mississauga, making sure that your gutters are free from blockage, build-up, or any type of damage will help you prevent water from going where they should not be.

It also pays to inspect your sump pump (and install one, if you don’t already have one). Sump pumps collect water inside the basement so that it can be pumped outside and away from your home, which can be very helpful should heavy rain and/or flooding occur.

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