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Why Is Basement Waterproofing Important?

Waterproofing your leaky basement is vital to protecting your home. As water can cause such a significant amount of damage you should prepare for it. As the climate changes, we are experiencing heavier rainfalls more frequently and many more homeowners are having to face their basements flooding. Not only does this destroy your basements flooring, drywall, furnishings, and electronics but it can lead to mold growth. Some types of mold are extremely dangerous to your health. They can increase allergies and cause severe breathing difficulties. Waterproofing will keep your basement nice and dry, so you do not have to worry about all the additional headaches and expenses of having to clean up and repair the water damage as well as replace possessions.

What are the methods of Leaky Basement Waterproofing?

There are two main methods to fix your basement leak: Exterior Waterproofing and Interior Waterproofing.   The exterior method involves excavating the foundation around the outside of your home.  Layers of protective coatings are applied, and new weeping tiles installed to keep the water away from the foundation.  Interior waterproofing solves the problem from the inside of the home.  A drainage system is installed around the inside walls of the basement that will collect and drain away the water before it causes any damage from even beginning.  Both of these waterproofing solutions are highly effective.

Having your home waterproofed will also increase your property value.  If you are selling your home and can show that you have fully waterproofed your basement it will give potential buyers assurance that they will not need to deal with moisture issues and flooding for many years into the future.  This is especially true if the basement is finished since it costs such a great amount of money to do.

Our professional waterproofers at Rooter-Man will assess your property and help you pick the best solution for your home.  You can be rest assured that your home is safe with us! 

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Exterior basement waterproofing is an effective method of waterproofing residential or commercial foundations from the outside. Rooterman offers industrial grade waterproofing materials to ensure leak protection for at least 25 years.

Interior basement waterproofing is the method of protecting basements from the inside of the property. Using professional grade waterproofing products, we guarantee your basements to never leak again with a lifetime commitment.

We provide foundation crack repair services if it’s possible depending on the cause of the issue. Foundation cracks can occur due to several factors such as hydrostatic pressure. We will repair cracking with hydraulic cement to keep the water out.

Clogged basement drains can lead to floods and can cost thousands in repair. We offer drain repair and video camera inspection services to determine the root cause of the problem. We also offer sump pumps and backwater valve installation and repair for Toronto & Mississauga

Common Wet Basement Causes


When water seeps into the ground, the pressure from gravity and the water buildup can force water into your basement. This build up can erode the concrete foundation eventually and seep through the walls creating wet walls in the basement and eventually becoming a bigger leak. 


A cracked foundation wall can cause water to enter your basement, especially when it rains. Once water finds it’s way to the basement, it will always leak until professionally waterproofed. 


A window well is usually a U-shaped material that fits around basement windows. Damaged window wells can collect water and allow it to seep into the basement. This can also cause basement flooding.


Weeping tile is a type of drain pipe located on the outter side of the wall that collects water and takes it to the central sewage or a french drain system during water buildup. If this pipe is damaged or clogged, this can water build and cause your walls or floors to erode and essentially create a leak into your basement.

Sump Pump

A failed sump pump can cause water to overflow into the basement creating basement floods. Replacing the sump usually is the fix. Sump pumps normally last approximatly 10 years. 


Blocked or backed up basement drains can cause water levels to raise and enter your basement floors.  Root cause must to diagnosed and fixed immediately to avoid costly damages.

If you have a wet or leaky basement, you need to address it right away as moisture or water build up can cause mold, which is seriously harmful for your loved ones. Contact Rooterman right away.

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