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Need a concrete floor or foundation repaired?

Do you have a concrete floor that is deteriorating? Are you noticing your foundation cracking? In many cases, slight cracking is nothing to be concerned about. As concrete dries, small cracks can appear due to the excess moisture that evaporates which causes it to shrink. If the cracks in your basement floor are about 1/8″ or smaller, it is highly likely that everything is simply fine. On the other hand, if they are larger you should have them inspected. Cracks that are a 1/2″ or larger, even if there is no major cause, should be repaired as they can become a hazard for tripping.

Crack in foundation can be harmful

Furthermore, significant cracking can lead to moisture seeping into your basement through the floor which will eventually cause you many more problems in the future. If it is time to replace your concrete floor, Rooter-Man is the company for you. Our concrete flooring professionals will determine the causation of your deteriorating floor. It could be due to shrinkage, stress, poor installation, or simply normal settling of the home after construction. We have many years of experience in concrete flooring and will ensure that your new floor is installed correctly, using the best concrete formula for the type of project. When you choose Rooter-Man you can rest assured that your floor will last for many years without issues.

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