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Delta membrane Exterior Waterproofing

There are two main methods to fix your basement leak that we offer for the region of Toronto: Exterior Waterproofing and Interior Waterproofing.   The exterior method involves excavating the foundation around the outside of your home.  Layers of protective coatings are applied, and new weeping tiles are installed to keep the water away from the foundation.  Interior waterproofing solves the problem from the inside of the home.  A drainage system is installed around the inside walls of the basement that will collect and drain away the water before it causes any damage from even the beginning.  Both waterproofing solutions are highly effective.


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Water can cause such a significant amount of damage that you should prepare for it. As the climate changes, we are experiencing heavier rainfalls more frequently, and many more homeowners are having to face their basements flooding. Not only does this destroy your basement’s flooring, drywall, furnishings, and electronics, but it can also lead to mould growth. Some types of mould are extremely dangerous to your health. They can increase allergies and cause severe breathing difficulties. Waterproofing your home will keep your basement nice and dry, so you do not have to worry about all the additional headaches and expenses of having to clean up and repair the water damage as well as replace possessions.

Leaky Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Toronto homeowners, say bye to the stress of a damp basement. Rooter Man GTA stands as your reliable company, offering top-tier solutions for effective basement moisture control. Our experience in resolving issues related to basement leak ensures your home remains arid, fortified, and cozy all year round.

Precision Tactics Against Basement Dampness

Toronto’s diverse weather patterns can be harsh on basements. At Rooter Man GTA, our grasp of these unique challenges allows us to provide specialized services that combat and forestall water seepage, safeguarding the structural integrity and internal comfort of your home.

Top Reasons to Select Rooter Man GTA for Your Basement Moisture Control

Hyperlocal Expertise: With a deep-rooted understanding of Toronto’s waterproofing needs, our experience is unmatched in effectively managing basement moisture concerns specific to our city.

Tailored Evaluations: Our process begins with a meticulous inspection of your basement, pinpointing the exact cause of moisture. This enables us to devise a waterproofing strategy that’s customized to your home’s specific requirements.

Innovative Approach: Leveraging cutting-edge technology and modern waterproofing methods, we assure a moisture-resistant basement. From internal systems to barrier applications, we execute superior techniques for ultimate dryness.

Enduring Defence: Our services are engineered for durability. We aim to rectify present moisture issues and preemptively shield your basement against potential future seepage.

Our Array of Basement Moisture Control Solutions:

  • Interior Moisture Management: We apply interior sealants and install drainage systems to reroute water ingress, keeping your basement space dry.

  • Exterior Barrier Application: We prevent external moisture penetration with our robust exterior waterproofing services, applying protective coatings and membranes to your basement walls.

  • Sump Pump Systems: A cornerstone of a moisture-free basement is a sump pump system. We install premium sump pumps that handle water collection efficiently.

  • Sewer Flow Protection: Guard your basement against unwanted sewer water with our expert backwater valve installation service.

  • Fissure Sealing: Foundation fissures are often the gateway for moisture. Our skilled technicians meticulously seal these cracks to prevent water entry.

Take Action Against Basement Dampness Today

Dismiss the inconvenience of a damp basement. Get in touch with Rooter Man GTA for a professional consultation and advance towards a perpetually dry basement.

Methods of Basement Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofed
Exterior Waterproofing Service

Exterior waterproofing is an effective method of waterproofing residential or commercial foundations from the outside. Rooter-Man offers industrial-grade waterproofing materials to ensure leak protection for at least 25 years.

delta membrane waterproofing product
Interior Waterproofing Service

Interior waterproofing is a method of protecting basements from the inside of the property. Using professional-grade waterproofing products, we guarantee your basements to never leak again with a lifetime commitment.

foundation leak repaired
Foundation Waterproofing Service

We provide foundation crack repair services if it’s possible, depending on the cause of the issue. Foundation cracks can occur due to several factors, such as hydrostatic pressure. We repair cracks with hydraulic cement.

Sump Pump Installation
Sump Pump Systems

An efficient sump pump system can protect your home from flooding as it collects excess water in an underground pit and pumps it away from your home. It actively monitors 24/7. We also offer battery backup options in emergencies.

How Does Water Enter Basements?


When water seeps into the ground, the pressure from gravity and the water buildup can force water into your basement. This buildup can eventually erode the concrete foundation and seep through the walls, creating wet walls in the basement and eventually becoming a bigger basement leak.


A cracked foundation wall can cause water to enter your basement, especially when it rains. Once water finds it’s way to the basement, it will always leak until it is professionally waterproofed. Foundation repair must be initiated by licensed and qualified professionals. Basement walls need to protect your home from extreme Canadian weather and need to be protected from water and moisture. If you are aware of a crack in your foundation, get it fixed professionally as soon as possible.


A window well is usually a U-shaped material that fits around basement windows. Damaged window wells can collect water and allow it to seep into the basement. This can also cause basement flooding. Replacing window wells can significantly affect the cost of waterproofing services, so it is recommended to keep your window wells maintained. Clean out any debris, such as leaves, twigs, and dirt, that may have accumulated in the well regularly to ensure the efficiency of the system.


Weeping tile is a type of drain pipe located on the outside side of the wall that collects water and takes it to the central sewage or a French drain system during water buildup. If this pipe is damaged or clogged, it can cause water to build up, cause your walls or floors to erode, and essentially create a leak in your basement.

Sump Pump

A failed sump pump can cause water to overflow into the basement, creating basement floods. Replacing the sump is usually the solution. Sump pumps normally last approximately 10 years.


Blocked or backed-up basement drains can cause water levels to rise and enter your basement floors.  The root cause must be diagnosed and fixed immediately to avoid costly damages.

If you have a wet or leaky basement, you need to address it right away, as moisture or water buildup can cause mould, which is seriously harmful for your loved ones. Rooter-Man’s Basement Waterproofing for Toronto residents guarantees no more basement leaks. We promise quality and the best basement waterproofing cost in Toronto.

A leaky basement is a serious problem and needs to be addressed right away. Water leaking into your home can damage all your belongings and also create harmful mould. Water around every home should be managed well and needs to be directed away from the walls. Take care of the leak before it becomes a bigger issue. We at Rooter-Man offer free estimates for all basement waterproofing services. Rooter-Man is one of the best waterproofing companies in Toronto and has 24/7 emergency waterproofing services near you.

Wet Basement Prevention Tips

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Wayne Johnson
Wayne Johnson
Service was fast . Work site left clean .
Jeffrey Teerlinck
Jeffrey Teerlinck
Excellent, quick service early on a Sunday morning. Technician Sean and expert Mike helped us clear a main drain in our triplex apartment building. As a professional builder myself, I am impressed with the service. I will be calling them again!
Atiqul Alam
Atiqul Alam
Shelley Wells
Shelley Wells
there were slow drains in the house for nearly a year, until eventually the main drain backup completely. rooterman arrived in 20 minutes and did a video camera inspection for $129 and cleared the main drain sewer line in 10 minutes. the video showed the blockage problem, which turned out to be greasy sludge mixed with debris and household products, like paper towels. they said there was still a substantial amount of grease in the main drain line (the previous owners cooked a lot), which would eventually trap more debris over time. so they came back a few days later and did a high pressure hot water hydro jetting for a reasonable price, which restored the sewer line to like-new condition. they did a fantastic job. the drains have never flowed so good like that in the past. awesome company, very professional, reasonably priced. give these guys a call if you want a plumbing job done properly.
Stefan and Niel did an excellent job using the very best in equipment & technology. As the saying goes. "You get what you pay for". That was so true in this case. No regrets. Well done.
Stephen Brodar
Stephen Brodar
Quick .. on time professionals.. Robert saved our basement from flooding by repairing a leak from and old pipe. Will use them again and will recommend them to all my peers. Rooter-Man Rules!
Judy Doxtator
Judy Doxtator
They were very pleasant, friendly workers who took time to explain what they were doing & why.
Vadita. Ukraine
Vadita. Ukraine
I've had a bad clogging in the pipe under the kitchen sink. Everything was resolved in a timely and professional manner.
Anuta Filursky
Anuta Filursky
SA Gunby
SA Gunby
Neil was professional, courteous and industrious. Excellent service!
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